Why You Should Pre Plan Your Funeral

The majority of people would instead put off contemplating their own mortality and funeral arrangements. If you undertake some planning ahead of time, you can spare your loved ones a significant amount of stress and anxiety. Here are eight justifications for why pre-paying for one’s funeral is wise.

1. All of your requests will be accommodated. What you envision taking occurring will indeed come to pass. The vast majority of individuals attach utmost significance to this.

2. The charges of the Funeral Director are predetermined from the beginning, so your family won’t have any financial commitments to fulfill: there are no surprises! You will have peace of mind knowing that the fees agreed upon with your funeral director by contract cannot be increased.

3. You can select the plan that best suits your needs and customize the “extras” that come with it. Your pre-paid funeral plan can be customized to meet your needs and preferences.

4. You protect your loved ones from having to deal with challenging choices. Who else besides that individual wants to make those decisions more than they do themselves?

5. your personal finances may get better. If the sum of all your assets is less than a specified threshold, you may be eligible for assistance from the government in your area.

6. You won’t have to be concerned about the security of your financial assets because they will be held in trust. You cannot make a direct deposit into the bank account held by the plan provider.

7. Another family member may require the plan before you do. If the need for another family member arises before your own, you can transfer the plan to them. Some couples opt to purchase only one plan and then purchase a second later, but it is more prudent to get two plans at the outset to hedge against the effects of inflation on one’s purchasing power.

8. Those who are left behind will never forget the consideration you have shown them. The vast majority of people place a high priority on this. When we depart this life, we hope others will remember us favorably and think well of us.

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