Traveling With Kids: Best Survival Tips

Traveling With Kids

If you’re planning a trip with your kids, chances are you’re wondering how to make it through without losing your mind. Traveling with kids can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. You can make the most of your next family vacation with a bit of planning and some helpful survival tips. Here’s how to endure (and enjoy) traveling with kids.

Car Toys

Instead of letting your children bring along their preferred toy from home (which is perfectly acceptable, by the way), try having a few toys that are “car only.” Because those toys are stored away until your children are in the car, even if you travel regularly, there will always be “fresh” toys to play with while you are on the road.

What Kinds Of Toys?

It’s a well-known fact that not all toys are suited for use in the automobile. For example, games with a large number of very few pieces are probably not the best idea. However, some toys are more suited for long car rides than others. Here are some options.

Erase Boards

These don’t have to be simple boards—you can be creative with them! There are activity kits that can be purchased that include a dry-erase board in addition to a variety of transparencies and other enjoyable activities that can be completed using dry-erase markers.


This time-honored toy may appeal to only some children, but it gives some youngsters many opportunities to have fun. And there won’t be any messes!

Activity Boards and Games

These activity boards can be a lifesaver for infants, toddlers, and even some preschool-aged children. These are the kinds of boards that may be interacted with, and some of them even have sounds, lights, and several other features.

They range from spinning blocks to building an adventure to pressing buttons to hear animal sounds. Save a handful of these unique examples for use on your travels with your small child.


The magnetism of magnet sets and magnetic games makes them ideal for use in the automobile since they prevent the pieces from scattering all over the vehicle’s interior. Additional books have magnetic characters and boards that correspond to them and may be purchased separately.

DVD Player

I may overestimate the difficulty of this. However, when it comes to extended rides in the car, many parents swear by their portable DVD players. Remember that it is only for one day in the car if you are the kind of parent that does not really approve of a lot of screen time for their children. If you need something new to watch, go to the library ahead of time and select some DVDs.

Coin Challenge

Giving each child a roll of quarters (or any other coin you feel comfortable with) is an approach that has proven fruitful for some parents, mainly when there is fighting or other behavior that is not desirable going on.

They are required to hand you (the parent) one of their coins every time they engage in improper behavior, such as making a lot of noise, starting a fight, or acting in an otherwise inappropriate manner. Coins in your pocket can be used as currency in your final location.


If you’re planning on traveling with kids, be sure to follow these best survival tips: bring along snacks and drinks, pack extra clothes, plan ahead for activities, and be prepared for tantrums. With some preparation, you can ensure that your trip is enjoyable for you and your children.

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