The Reality Of Infidelity In Relationships

Infidelity In Relationships

The reality of infidelity in relationships is often hidden behind a mask of secrecy and shame. The truth is, infidelity is incredibly common and can happen to anyone in any relationship. While some people can recover from an affair and move on, others find that the trust has been shattered and the relationship ends. Infidelity can be devastating, but it need not end your relationship.

When a person in a relationship decides to go out and “have a fling,” the bonds of trust are broken very easily. There may also be a lot of other feelings that come up, most of which are very bad and hurtful to the future of your relationship.

Having an affair is often a person’s way of telling their partner something is wrong. Instead of taking responsibility for fixing the problem, a weaker person will just go out and find something else to do. Once the innocent partner finds out, any trust left in the relationship is instantly gone. The innocent partner may also feel anger, shock, and a wide range of other feelings.

Unfortunately, some people will use emotional blackmail in these situations. They will immediately blame their partner for them going out and having an affair. They will say they aren’t “getting enough at home” and had to look for it elsewhere. They will say that it didn’t mean anything and was just sex and unimportant.

The fact that they had an affair in the first place shows how weak-willed they are. They’ve already shown no strength of character by looking for a sexual encounter, and now they’re adding to that by blaming the person who loves them for what they’ve done.

When someone has an affair or blames someone else for their actions and choices, it’s often a sign of insecurity, immaturity, and selfishness. When this happens, the biggest problem for your relationship isn’t dealing with a cheating partner; it’s dealing with the sudden guilt the innocent person feels.

When someone cheats on them, the person who was cheated on often goes into a downward spiral of blame and guilt, thinking it was their fault that their partner strayed. They’ll tell themselves they’re not good enough, too fat, ugly, bad, or any other negative thing they can think of to figure out why their partner would want to go out with someone else.

When both people are upset about an act of infidelity, it’s easy to see why so many relationships end quickly soon after. The point of a loving, committed, monogamous relationship is that you should give up all others for your chosen partner.

Healing The Split

It takes a special couple to get back together after one partner has been caught having an affair. Not only has trust been broken, but both partners also have serious emotional problems that they must work through before real healing can begin.

The guilty partner may often show signs of guilt and remorse for what he or she has done, but there will also be subtle underlying feelings to deal with. These can include fear that their partner will leave, anger that their partner didn’t forgive them right away, and resentment that they feel like their partner pushed them into cheating in the first place.

The person cheated on has a different set of emotional issues to deal with before they can start to heal. These can include guilt for not being good enough for their partner, anger at being betrayed, pain from the breach of trust, hostility and resentment for being made to feel like they’re not good enough, and fear of losing the partner they once loved so much.

Infidelity can tear a relationship apart, so discussing it openly and honestly, is important. The person who cheated must take full responsibility for what they did and not try to blame the other person for not being there when they needed quick sex.

Some couples can put their relationship back together and make it even stronger than before. This can be a long process, but it is possible. Other couples just can’t stand the thought of staying with a partner who clearly lacks respect for another person. Only you can decide if your relationship is worth saving after one partner has had an affair.


Infidelity is a reality in many relationships. It can cause feelings of betrayal, anger, and sadness. If cheating is causing problems in your relationship, you should talk to a therapist or counselor. They can help you deal with your feelings and devise a plan for moving forward.

Even though many things might go wrong in a relationship, many can also go right. Not every problem you have with your partner will be a reason to break up. In fact, many of these problems could be great chances to strengthen your relationship and fall in love again.

Healthy relationships require communication and trust. When you know what the other person wants and expects, you can work toward what makes you happy. Tell your partner how you feel calmly and respectfully. After all, you’re in this relationship too, and you have an equal say in how it works and what happens.

Remember to compromise sometimes. You’ll both have times when you want different things, but learning to find a happy medium can often lead to new experiences and pleasures you would have missed out on otherwise.

You deserve to be in a happy, loving relationship with a partner that accepts you for who you are.

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