Shopping For Cycling Jerseys

Runners can run in virtually any clothing as long as they have running shoes, but cyclists almost always need to wear the highly specialized clothing designed for their activity.

Cycling shorts may be required by your bicycle, and your first experience with the rubbing and pounding of a bike seat may persuade you to wear cycling shorts; however, you should ride in a cycling jersey. This may seem like a less obvious recommendation. If they wear cycling clothing, even infrequent cyclists will experience significant improvements in comfort, speed, safety, and overall satisfaction.

Cycling jerseys won’t significantly affect your speed or safety, but they will improve your overall riding experience in several ways. The first benefit is that they are designed to assist your body in dealing with the draining effects of wind and weather while riding.

The vast majority of cycling jerseys are constructed from synthetic materials, which permit your body to sweat while simultaneously removing excess moisture from the top layer of your skin. Even though they are relatively lightweight, some of today’s miracle fabrics are highly effective at warding off wind and water. Combined with the fact that zippered cycling jerseys can be easily opened or closed in the front to allow or discourage air venting, the ability of the cyclist to withstand changes in the weather is significantly increased by cycling jerseys.

However, the aspect of cycling jerseys that are valued the most by riders is straightforward. The well-known back pocket is an essential component of every jersey and an industry standard. No matter if you are a touring rider, mountain maniac, or road racer, your jersey’s back pocket is what the front pouch of a mama kangaroo is to her joey: life.

In this pocket, you will store your energy bars, goo packets, and possibly some bee pollen. This is your essential kit for eating and drinking while riding a bike. Now that the sun is shining, you will place the gloves that you no longer require in this storage space that appears to have no end, and even the cell phone that responsible cyclists bring along with them (for safety, not for idle chatter). Put rubbish in this pocket while eating. Amazing how much fits in this pocket without impacting pedaling efficiency.

So go ahead. Put on a cycling jersey. You can dress as garishly as you like with it on. As a cyclist, you are entitled to garishness and the brilliance that goes hand in hand with it.

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