Paleo Grubs Book Review

Families are looking for food options with fresh ingredients and no added chemicals as health problems become more common. With the things we were designed to eat, the paleo diet fuels our bodies. Although the paleo diet has many outstanding advantages, changing one’s lifestyle might be difficult.

It might be challenging to identify foods suitable for a paleo diet and look up paleo alternatives for ingredient replacements. By offering nearly 500 distinct dish suggestions that are all compliant with the paleo diet, the Paleo Grubs cookbook aids in bridging this gap. In addition to your purchase, you also get a 10-week food plan with a shopping list. Both are fantastic resources that can help you transition to your new Paleo lifestyle and provide excellent references even after you feel comfortable.

What happens after you use the Paleo Grubs cookbook’s delectable meals? Benefits like improved energy, weight loss, and general “pep in your step” should be expected. The Paleo Grubs handbook also includes over 70 different recipes for desserts and slow-cooker meals, which is even better. But this is all before you begin adhering to the paleo diet. Your general health and nutrition will be supported if you feed your body better food cooked in inventive ways due to the Paleo Grubs book.

The Paleo Grubs cookbook’s focus on allergies and dietary restrictions that aren’t paleo-specific is one of its most distinctive features. The Paleo Grubs cookbook does an excellent job of realizing that food sensitivities don’t end there, even if all paleo-appropriate recipes forgo wheat, dairy, refined sugar, and legumes. A different edition of the cookbook does not include things like nightshades, almonds, and eggs.

Although not everyone may like the Paleo Grubs book’s digital version, it has several advantages. Paleo Grubs is available as an e-book, which keeps costs low and guarantees that you always receive the most recent version. Similarly, a digital cookbook is simpler to browse and search than its analogous counterparts in physical copy. 

The Paleo Grubs book has a lot of recipes in it. This book has more than 470 recipes, divided into 17 easy-to-find sections. There are options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. It would be easy to feed your family for a year without doing anything twice. Even though the paleo diet has rules about what ingredients you can’t eat, the Paleo Grubs booklet has substitute recipes for all your favorite comfort foods. Paleo Grubs still knows how to make classics like Chicken Pot Pie and Strawberry Shortcake, so you won’t miss out on them. 

Most significantly, knowledgeable cookbook buyers know it doesn’t take much to detract from an otherwise fantastic collection of recipes. The Paleo Grubs cookbook has clear instructions and color photos designed to make switching to a paleo diet as simple (and delicious!) as possible.


  • The bonuses: When you buy a copy of Paleo Grubs, you also get a 10-week meal plan, two more cookbooks with 40+ meals you can prepare in a slow cooker, and 30+ dessert ideas.
  • For busy families who are unsure how to fit the paleo diet into their demanding schedules, the other slow cooker recipes are worth a second mention. The transition to the paleo diet is made simpler by the availability of slow-cooker-friendly paleo alternatives.
  • The Paleo Grubs team provides a money-back guarantee 30 days after purchase, allowing you to test the book without risk.
  • It’s stunning: Beautiful color images highlighting simple-to-follow instructions are included in the Paleo Grubs cookbook.
  • You’ll get your nutrients: Paleo Grubs’ recipes have been reviewed by a nutritionist, so customers unfamiliar with the paleo diet can be sure that their nutritional requirements are satisfied.


  • If you like hard copies of your cookbooks, Paleo Grubs may not be for you. Although it is more challenging to explore and search, the digital format has several advantages. You will always have access to the most recent version of the cookbook.
  • There is a lot to consider: A person new to the paleo diet may initially feel a little overwhelmed due to the wealth of information available. However, the Paleo Grubs cookbook’s layout makes it easy for beginners to find their way around, and the carefully selected 10-week meal plan offers a helpful spot to get started.


The Paleo Grubs cookbook contains something for everyone, whether you are new to the paleo diet or a seasoned practitioner looking for some fresh dishes to liven up your meals. Even the most discerning paleo foodie can use this cookbook to quickly (and effectively) discover a healthier, fitter “you” because it was clearly created with the customer in mind. It can be unsettling to cut out familiar foods from your diet, but Paleo Grubs is aware of some of the unique difficulties associated with adopting a paleo lifestyle and offers various services to make the transition easier.

I’ve been curious about the Paleo lifestyle for a while because I was just diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, but I didn’t know where to start. I found the Paleo Grubs website while looking online for further details. It was really educational, further increasing my desire to adopt the Paleo diet as my complete eating style.

I bought the Paleo Grubs Book, hoping to find a few recipes I would like because I didn’t know where to start my Paleo meal preparation journey. I wasn’t expecting to like more than one or two of the dishes, which is why I was so shocked. I was worried that to effectively adhere to this eating style, I would have to give up desserts because I have a serious sweet craving. This book contains many delectable dessert recipes, which made me very happy and will make switching to a strict Paleo diet much simpler.

A novice like myself found it simple to navigate because the entire book is written clearly and succinctly. It was divided into 17 parts, making it simple to discover meal suggestions. A 10-week meal plan, a whole cookbook devoted to desserts, and a volume of slow-cooker recipes were all bonuses I received when I bought the book. 

Learning how to prepare whole Paleo meals initially seemed daunting, but this guide made it simple. The meal plan for 10 weeks was beneficial. I also had a lot of time saved. Because of how busy my life is, it is not practical for me to spend hours organizing a week’s worth of meals.

This guide included suggestions for breakfast, lunch, and even snacks to get me started on my Paleo journey. I really appreciated the supplied shopping list because it saved me from spending time creating my own.

The slow cooker cookbook was also really helpful for me because of my limited time. My family adores soup, and this cookbook has some delectable soup recipes that will become home favorites. My wife urged me to make the slow cooker short ribs recipe our go-to Sunday meal because she loved it so much.

I’d like to thank the author of the Paleo Grub Book. I’ve given it to a lot of my friends and family. I love sweets, as I’ve already indicated, and thanks to the supplementary dessert cookbook, I can now enjoy healthier versions of my favorite sweets, like strawberry shortcakes. I was amazed by how tasty it was despite not knowing that it could be made without flour derived from grains. Absolutely love the peach cobbler. It is great to be able to make healthy treats, so I won’t feel bad about allowing us to indulge occasionally. 

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