How To Barbeque Perfect BBQ Ribs

If you are cooking BBQ ribs on a standard charcoal barbeque, you are undoubtedly disappointed when you discover that the ribs are tough rather than “flesh falling off the bones” tender. If so, correctly prepping your ribs before putting them on the grill will help you quickly learn how to barbeque great ribs.

The vast majority of expert grillers first prepare their ribs before cooking them on a charcoal grill. For this reason, some barbecuers consistently produce flawless ribs. Usually, when there is a BBQ, the attendees only witness the cook put the ribs on the grill; they are unaware that the ribs were prepared in advance. The cook doesn’t always cook the ribs on the grill; many new to grilling believe that they simply brush sauce on them and heat them till done.

The day before the barbeque or dinner, you should do this. Before preparing your ribs, boil a pot of water. Then, reduce the water’s temperature to a simmer after adding a little salt. Once the ribs are added, the pot should be covered and simmered for one to two hours before removing the ribs with care. You shouldn’t put the ribs on the grill yet, even though they should be juicy and tender by this point.

Mix all ingredients with BBQ sauce, cover, and chill overnight. As a result, the ribs will have plenty of time to marinate in the sauce and develop that savory BBQ flavor everyone adores. Light your grill the following day, then wait for the coals to die down so you may warm the blazing embers. Grilling ribs over an open flame is never a good idea since it might burn the sauce and change the flavor of the ribs.

Put your ribs straight on the grill after the flames have subsided, after brushing them with extra sauce. Turn the ribs over after 10 minutes and cook for another 10 minutes on the other side. Turning your BBQ ribs every 10 minutes and basting them with fresh sauce at each turn, continue grilling the ribs until they are thoroughly cooked. Once your ribs are done, arrange them on a serving tray and serve them while they’re still hot. The succulent, juicy, and tender ribs you serve will impress everyone.

Perfect BBQ ribs should be prepared in this manner. No matter what sauce is used, your ribs will be pretty tough and not very delicious if you simply throw them on the grill without first prepping them. BBQ sauce is not used to hide lousy cooking; instead, it adds taste. Don’t you owe yourself and your dinner guests tasty, tender ribs? You will become well-known as the top BBQ rib griller in your community. In particular, if you use homemade barbeque rubs, sauces, or marinades in place of the pre-bottled spices offered by nearby grocery stores on your succulent and tender ribs.

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