How to Apply Fake Tan

The risks of sunbathing are well known, which is why self-tanning is becoming more popular. Applying a fake tan is easy and only takes a few minutes. A fake tan can give you the appearance of a sun-kissed glow without having to spend hours in the sun.

This guide will explain how to use fake tan to achieve a flawless bronze hue. Before you put on the fake tan, you need to do a few things to prepare your skin. Putting on the fake tan itself is a quick and easy process. Follow these easy steps to get a tan that looks great.

Application In Advance

(a) Perform a patch test on a small skin area 24 hours before applying to the entire body if you have sensitive skin. If a reaction occurs, discontinue use.

(b) Exfoliate 2-3 days before applying self-tanner. This creates a smoother surface for applying fake tan and prevents the tan from becoming patchy and uneven.

(c) Moisturize daily, preferably with a moisturizer from the same brand as the self-tanning product. Avoid oil-based moisturizers, which might hinder self-tanners from absorbing evenly.

(d) Before using a self-tanner, remove undesirable hair.

(e) Remove the hard skin from the heels of the feet.

Before You Begin

(a) Use a non-oil-based cleanser or makeup remover to remove all traces of makeup.

(b) Take off any jewelry.

(c) Avoid using perfume, deodorant, or oil-based body lotion.

Instructions For Use

Step 1: Exfoliating is the first step. Apply a generous amount of exfoliating product to the entire body, paying particular attention to the elbows, knees, hands, feet, and ankles. Thoroughly dry the skin. After thoroughly rubbing the product into the skin, it can be mitted, sponged, or rinsed off.

Step 2: Moisturize your skin. Apply moisturizing body lotion to the entire body, mainly to dry areas such as the elbows, knees, ankles, feet, and hands. Allow absorbing completely.

Step 3: Apply the Fake Tan.

(a) Protect your hands from staining by wearing gloves.

(b) Using your fingertips, apply a small amount of fake tan to your face in small circular motions. As if applying foundation, blend the product all over your face.

(c) Use a small amount of product around the brows and hairline, as well as on the ears and behind the ears.

(d) Distribute the product evenly over the neck and shoulders, working in small circular motions toward the arms.

(e) Bend the elbows and apply a small amount of product to the elbows, evenly working down towards the lower arm.

(f) If necessary, apply the product to the breast area, working your way down to the stomach. Bend your knees and lightly sweep the product over them.

(g) Apply generously to upper and lower legs but sparingly to ankles.

(h) Apply a thin layer of fake tan to the feet, avoiding contact with the nails and soles of the feet, which may stain.

(i) Enlist the assistance of another person to apply self-tan to your back.

(j) Remove one glove and sweep it across the opposite hand. Remove the second glove and gently sweep it over the other hand. Avoid getting product on your nail plate or palms of your hands, as this will stain them.

Step 4: Allow to completely dry without coming into contact with water.

While Tan Forms

(a) If feasible, wear loose clothes and no footwear.

(b) Avoid perspiration by avoiding exercise and heat.

(c) Keep the skin completely dry.

(d) Do not apply other toiletries or beauty products. Apply before going to bed and again in the morning.

Avoid using the following beauty products after the tan has developed:

(a) Abrasive exfoliants and facial scrubs

(b) AHA-containing products

(c) Body brushes, loofahs, and mitts

After showering, gently pat the skin dry rather than rubbing it. Avoid using soaps excessively. Avoid waxing, shaving, and bleaching your hair. Avoid swimming because it will shorten the life of your tan and lighten the color.


Follow these steps for the perfect fake tan application: exfoliate, moisturize, apply the product with a mitt, wash hands thoroughly, and wait at least six hours before showering. With these tips, you’ll be sure to have a natural-looking tan that will last for days.

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