How To Achieve Straight Hair Without Spending A Fortune

While you could always visit an expensive salon and have potentially harmful chemicals applied to your hair, there are natural ways to achieve the straight hair you desire. I’ll show you how to get straight hair using simple, low-cost techniques. These techniques are only temporary, but they can provide you with the luxurious straight hair you desire for a special occasion.

Buy an excellent flat iron first. Better, more expensive models from a hairstylist or beauty supply store have better heating surfaces and temperature controls. The following step is to purchase a thermal protective spray for your hair, which will help protect it from heat damage. This is especially important for frequent users.

Wash your hair and apply a good conditioner. Because using a flat iron can cause your hair to become extremely dry, you may want to leave your conditioner on for a little longer than usual. After thoroughly drying your hair, apply a leave-in conditioner and gently comb it with a wide-toothed comb. Blow-dry your hair until it is completely dry. It will make a big difference if you use attachments that allow you to get the blow dryer closer to your hair. Brush the hair thoroughly after it has dried to remove any tangles and snarls.

Divide your hair into sections and pin the sections you aren’t working on to the top of your head. Taking your hair in 2″ wide and 1/2″ thick sections, clamp it into the flat iron close to your scalp.

Pull the flat iron through your hair smoothly and slowly. Make sure to move in one fluid motion, or you will end up with horizontal lines in your hair, which will require more passes of the flat iron and more damage to your hair. It is normal to see some steam rising from your hair because it still has some moisture. If you hear your hair sizzling, this is not normal, and you should adjust the temperature settings. Repeat with small sections of hair all over your head. Make sure to carefully examine your hair to avoid missing a section that would look odd! After you’ve straightened all of your hair, avoid adding any moisture because it will curl up and become frizzy.

That’s all! You’ve transformed your hair from curly and wavy to straight and exciting. Apply some hairspray once you’ve achieved the desired look to ensure it stays in place. Simply following these simple tips on achieving straight hair can save you much money and cause less damage to your hair by avoiding the use of harsh chemicals.

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