How To Achieve A Full Golf Swing

Every golfer’s ultimate goal should be to achieve a full swing. You know that a complete golf swing is necessary to generate the highest possible clubhead speed and, eventually, distance. However, are you aware of the most efficient way to complete it?

Permit me to state that point once more. You’ve heard your golf teaching pro tell you, “you’re not getting a full golf swing,” but has he explained how you can get this swing? Until now. It is simple to perform an analysis, but it is far more challenging to devise a solution. You have to understand that it is physically impossible to execute a full golf swing without developing a greater level of golf-specific strength and flexibility.

Let’s look at these alleged “requirements” so you can see that I’m not just blowing smoke when I say that I’m not just blowing smoke. If you do not have a greater level of strength and flexibility specialized in golf, it will be impossible for you to achieve a full golf swing. In golf, a full swing entails turning the shoulders through 90 degrees while turning the hips through 45 degrees. This is consistent with what all of the analyses of the golf swing have stated.

For the older golfer experiencing a decline in their physical capabilities, achieving the above-mentioned physical components in their golf stance will be nearly impossible. Are you someone who fits into this category? Are you a golfer between 50 and 70 who has noticed that they have lost a significant amount of yards off the tee and that their scores continue to rise?

If this is the case, don’t you think that if you participated in a straightforward golf performance program that you could do “at home,” you would see a significant improvement in your body’s ability to produce a more extensive and complete “golf swing”? This goal does not require more practice at the driving range or classroom instruction. You may, in point of fact, refrain from striking balls entirely for a brief period while you focus on getting your body back into fighting shape.

When you do, you will be astounded the next time you go out to practice or play. You won’t even need to put much thought into achieving the entire golf swing you’ve been visualizing in your head. Your body will comply since it has been “taught” to do it correctly. To give you a quick tip: to make a proper golf swing, you need to work on your rotational strength and flexibility. You can accomplish this even while seated in your chair.

To enhance your physical capabilities, you don’t need complicated or pricey equipment, but a straightforward and efficient program will do wonders for getting you closer to mastering a full golf swing. You will want to rotate your upper body as you reach around the back of the chair and use the opposite arm to leverage yourself against the chair. You can keep doing this straightforward yet highly efficient rotating stretch throughout the day.

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