How To Accent Your Scrapbook With Brads

Brads aren’t just for the office anymore. Brads have emerged as a popular scrapbooking embellishment. They are now available in various colors, sizes, and shapes. Brads can be as simple as round and silver or as decorative as a Halloween ghost.

It couldn’t be easier to incorporate brads into scrapbooking pages. You might want to start with a pilot hole if you’re working with delicate paper or materials, such as tissue paper flowers. Insert the brad through the paper and flatten the ends on the opposite side. If you intend to use the brad on interactive elements such as envelopes with journaling cards, remember to tape the back edges of the brad. The journaling card should not catch on the brad as you slide it into the envelope.

It’s simple to find the perfect brad for your scrapbooking project.
Scrapbooking manufacturers produce brads in sizes ranging from mini to jumbo, and each season, new decorative brads for everything from holiday pages to baby pages are released. Most scrapbooking design lines also include coordinated brads. If you can’t find a brad that matches your page theme, try changing its color. You can alter a brad’s color using paint or a marker pen or attach a rhinestone to it.

Brads are simply fasteners. They are similar to eyelets, staples, and paper clips. Brads can be used in place of adhesive in scrapbooking. They are ideal for attaching vellum to pages because they do not leave a visible residue on transparent paper, as some glues do. Ribbons can be attached to your page with brads. Brads can attach each end of a ribbon border or add an extra accent to small ribbon pieces added to a page. A ribbon piece attached to a brad can also be added to the top of a scrapbooking tag.

Brads can be incorporated into another page element. A brad pressed into the center of a flower, for example, becomes part of the flower. Silk flowers can be difficult to glue to a page, but with a brad as its center, you can easily attach it to any location on your page. Include brads in your lettering. Use brads in the rounded areas of your letters, or have the letter “o” in your titles.

Brads can be used to highlight more than just page titles. Brads can be used as borders. Ribbon borders are just one choice. Lacing borders with brads is simple. Place your brads on your page in the pattern you want. Lace through the brads with ribbon, floss, string, or twine. With brads and a lacing technique, you can make various patterns. Finally, brads can be used to create bullet points on your journaling blocks.

Visit a few scrapbooking sites with page galleries and observe how others use brads on their pages. Brads can be used anywhere you can put an accent on your page. Stock up on brads and try some of these scrapbooking ideas on your next project.

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