Brokeback Mountain Movie Review

Brokeback Mountain Movie Review

After hearing many good things about the movie “Brokeback Mountain” for a few months, I finally saw it in a theatre. Even though the Oscars have already happened, I’m late because it took a while for the movie to get to my town.

When the movie started playing, I had a strange feeling. I had heard so much about the picture that I knew, at least morbidly, what it was about and who was on screen. At least, I thought that was the case.

It all starts far away. A truck drives by the hills, and then we see a young man standing in front of an office that seems to be far from everything else. Then our second character comes in, almost pushing his old black truck. We know they want a job now.

The days aren’t getting any more interesting. They have been hired to care for sheep in the mountains of Wyoming. During the summer, they will live and work together. As soon as they get to their destination, “Del Mar,” feeling more comfortable, says a few words, talks a bit more, and shows his friend some sympathy. He is a tough young man whose family history sounds like something from a Dickens story. No one in the story thinks anything “out of the ordinary” is happening.

But “Brokeback Mountain” isn’t just about doing the same things day after day and night after night. Something has come up between the two men. It’s like a storm that came out of nowhere and changed their lives for good. At first, it seems like a passionate story about the lonely, a dream that no one will ever know. But things are different in real life. What just took place will happen again and again. They will always be linked by a force that can make or break anyone’s will. We might call this force “love.”

The summer is over, and both men must return to their lives away from the mountain. But deep inside, they both know that those lives no longer exist. They’ve been shown the truth about themselves, and it won’t go away.

They will get married and try to live a “normal” life, only to find out they are fakes. They don’t fit in with ordinary people. Since those days in the mountains, they have only had each other. They meet again outside “del Mar’s” poor apartment on the second floor. Since he was a child, he hasn’t had much luck, and it seems to get worse every day. Now, even his wife is aware of what he likes. We think the only good thing in his life is how he feels about Jack, who he calls his “fishing buddy.”

Things go wrong at “del Mar’s” house, his marriage falls apart, and he is left alone to fight for his life in a society that would stone him to death if they knew. But there are also bright spots, like when he goes to “Brokeback” and meets Jack, who comes from Texas to see the only person he has ever loved.

By the end of the story, there have been fights between the two people. Being too far away or too close together can’t help any relationship. They’ve just had a bad experience in their paradise, and they promise to get together again and fix what they can. Suddenly, the story jumps to a scene where “del Mar” gets a cold postcard that says “deceased” and tells him that Jack has died.

Everything points to the fact that he has been killed. Those who won’t let “others” happen caught him. Ennis Del Mar has been cast out of society, and his love will always want Jack. His daughter is about to get married, and her son doesn’t know that his father is a loner for a reason, so love won’t matter.

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