Best Way To Fix Hangover Symptoms

Hangover Symptoms

Need some advice on how to fix hangover symptoms quickly and easily?

If you stayed up too late the night before, the best thing you can do for yourself is to rest and relax. Well, it may be easy, but it might take longer than you would like. We’ve all said, “I’m never going to drink like that again.” Yeah, until the next time, that is. Why do we do it? Who knows.

A hangover is a term used to describe the unpleasant physical and mental effects of drinking too much alcohol. The severity of a hangover depends on many factors, including how much alcohol was consumed, the type of alcoholic beverage consumed, the drinker’s age, gender, health status, and whether they are taking any medications. Hangovers can last hours or days.

We think we’re having fun, but the next morning we wonder why we had so much fun and if it was really worth what we have to deal with now.

Headaches, sensitivity to light and sound, especially sound, feeling like something crawled into your mouth and died there, feeling sick, and possibly the worst thing the body can do, throwing up. Do you really want to watch everything you did last night a second time? Blech! Icky, horrible, gross! Just don’t think so.

After a night of heavy drinking, you’ll want to clean your mouth first thing in the morning. Brush your teeth and rinse with a strong mouthwash, ideally without alcohol. This won’t make you feel completely better, but it’s a good start to fixing hangover symptoms.

After cleaning your teeth, drink a glass of cool water. Not too cold, or your stomach may cramp and make you throw up. Take small sips if you have to, and don’t gulp down this first glass of water, or you might see it again very soon. You need to be kind to your stomach, or it will rebel against you.

Next, get some caffeine, hot or cold; it doesn’t matter. You just need to wake up a little. Only drink a few caffeinated drinks because caffeine, like alcohol, makes you less hydrated, and you want to focus on staying hydrated today. Besides allowing yourself time, the best thing you can do today is drink water every hour.

Take a nice, long, hot shower and let the water flow over you to get even clearer. When you’re done with your shower, I promise you’ll feel like a human again. Now is the time to wear very comfortable clothes and either go back to bed and nap or relax on the couch. Do not do anything too stressful or hard on yourself. If you do, you will only worsen your symptoms, and it will take you longer to feel better.

As soon as you feel hungry, try to eat just a little bit of something. Get some tea with honey and some toast. Honey will help stabilize your blood sugar, and toast with butter will help eliminate any nausea you may feel. If you’re shaky, it’s likely because your blood sugar is low, so make sure you eat that honey to help fix hangover symptoms.


The best way to fix hangover symptoms is to drink plenty of fluids, eat a light meal, and get some rest. If you are still feeling ill, you may want to take an over-the-counter medication such as ibuprofen. Drink responsibly and always have a plan for how you will get home safely if you are drinking alcohol.

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