Best Travel Insurance Companies

To compile this ranking of the top travel insurance providers, I gave careful consideration to the following criteria while assessing each provider:


The U.S. Travel Insurance Association says a reputable policy costs 4% to 8% of the trip cost. If your savings fall below the 4% requirement, you risk not having adequate or necessary coverage in an unexpected emergency. Anything priced higher than that should come with additional benefits in addition to the regular contents. Some examples of these other benefits are CFAR protection and improved medical coverage.

Convenience and Adaptability

A reliable travel insurance provider should be able to accommodate you, regardless of how frequently or infrequently you travel; in many instances, you might not even need to speak to a person to purchase your policy online or over the phone.

Many people think of travel insurance for particular excursions. However, most leading contenders provide single-trip and multi-trip policies, sometimes called annual travel insurance. Cruisers, students studying abroad, and businesspeople who travel frequently may also be eligible for specialized plans offered by some firms. Last but not least, each service provider gives you various choices to select which areas and how much coverage you require in those places.

Coverage and Maximum Limits

Even though it is your responsibility to purchase enough coverage to meet your individual requirements, all of the companies on this list provide adequate protection in the key areas of coverage to at least put a sizeable dent in any out-of-pocket travel costs that you might incur while traveling outside the country. And although some carriers might not provide high category limits or offer particular add-ons, all firms cover the essential elements required for comprehensive travel insurance.

How To Choose The Best Provider

No one policy is suitable for all travelers that can be considered universally advantageous. Travelers who are young, healthy, and traveling alone have the option of selecting much more affordable plans that provide only the most basic coverage. On the other hand, families traveling with complex itineraries are best served by investing in a comprehensive policy that can help defray any costs associated with lost baggage, delayed transportation, or other trip-impeding obstacles.

In light of those mentioned above, selecting a travel insurance company that can reflect on a long and successful track record and present policyholders with a comprehensive menu of individualized options is a safe bet. You may be deciding between plans that differ from one another by a difference of only a few dollars in some instances. In the circumstances such as these, you should, as a general rule, go with the insurance provider that provides superior customer service and has received positive reviews from previous travelers, particularly those who have gone on journeys comparable to the one you will be on.

One of the most useful resources available for researching various travel insurance coverage is an insurance aggregator such as InsureMyTrip or Squaremouth. After you have provided the specifications of your travel plan, you will be presented with hundreds of search results, among which you can evaluate and contrast the options that particularly pique your interest. f there are too many options, use the left-hand filters to eliminate unnecessary plans.

Important information regarding COVID-19: During the first several months of the pandemic, most travel insurance companies did not cover COVID-related travel issues. However, many service providers now include coronavirus coverage in their medical plans.

Despite this, you should read the policy’s fine print before purchasing any individual plan, and this is especially important for less expensive insurance policies with limited coverage to ensure sufficient security for your peace of mind. Most credit card travel insurance policies exclude COVID-related problems.

AIG Travel Guard

This well-known insurance provider is an excellent choice for vacationers who want peace of mind to know they may receive their money back if their trip plans are altered or canceled. AIG is a good option for older travelers who value peace of mind and simplicity over highly customizable plans that may be bolstered with medical upgrades, even though the company’s policies can be more expensive than its competitors. Due to the high medical and evacuation limits, AIG is a good choice for these travelers.

AXA Travel Insurance

An excellent alternative for customers looking for stress-free travel insurance is provided by AXA. This option includes low-priced policies, generous coverage limits on essential categories such as primary insurance on lost luggage, and up to 150% compensation for trip cancellations that meet the criteria.

AXA is a good option for travelers who don’t drive (or have credit cards with rental car coverage) and don’t need extras. This is because AXA has a limited number of add-ons and does not automatically include coverage for rental cars in its more affordable plans.

Protection From Losses

When planning a vacation, the best-case scenario is that your travel insurance won’t be needed at any point. On the other hand, Berkshire Hathaway assists travelers in making the most out of unfavorable circumstances by reducing the procedure of submitting a claim to nothing more than taking a quick snapshot with a dedicated app and submitting some basic paperwork in the same manner.

When approved claims are paid out very quickly, it is much simpler to continue with a trip even if the luggage has been misplaced or if last-minute adjustments to travel arrangements are required. This is because travel insurance policies pay out claims exceptionally quickly.

Coverage For Nationwide Travel

One of the largest travel insurance providers offers nearly limitless options, including annual plans that allow frequent travelers to “set it and forget it.”  These plans can be found on one of the largest players’ websites.

Because Nationwide provides some of the most reasonably priced insurance policies on the market compared to other companies offering comparable products, it is an excellent choice for virtually everybody.

Travel Insurance With a Tin Leg

Tin Leg is an excellent option for tourists, particularly those dealing with medical concerns. This company provides some of the best financial investment options for travelers exposed to higher health risks and issues due to their travels, thanks to coverage for pre-existing medical conditions and the possibility of contracting COVID-19 while away from home.

Trawick International

Trawick is one more medically strong insurance company that can help travelers at greater risk and who are apprehensive find some peace of mind while on the road. This company provides one of the most comprehensive medical evacuation policies, but visitors must add rental car coverage. The company has a generous medical evacuation policy.


It is an excellent alternative for digital nomads, students studying abroad, and backpackers because of WorldTrips’ inexpensive rates, fully configurable add-ons, and generous coverage for essential categories of travel insurance.

However, travelers should be aware that plans are not especially flexible, and coverage levels are limited unless advance payment is made to cover the places and quantities required by the traveler’s itinerary.

The Credit Card In Your Wallet

If you can believe it, some credit cards available on the market now offer extensive travel insurance coverage that, in some cases, can compete well with the policies provided by our top-choice suppliers.

The Platinum Card® from American Express is widely regarded as the most prestigious credit card in the world, while the Chase Sapphire Reserve® is widely regarded as the leader in the industry for comprehensive travel insurance.

American Express® Gold Card and Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card offer travel insurance for $395 or $250 per year. Capital One Venture X Rewards and American Express® Gold have lower annual fees.

In addition, the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card should not be overlooked: Each card may only cost $95 a year, but it comes with substantial coverage for travel interruptions, cancellations, baggage loss, and delays that are on par with or even better than many of the more affordable travel insurance plans.

The travel insurance with these credit cards can cover up to $3,000 per trip for lost or damaged baggage, $2,000 to $10,000 for canceled, nonrefundable travel such as flights or hotels, and primary coverage for rental cars.


Who Is The Most Reputable Provider?

There are many excellent suppliers in the current travel insurance market. Because it offers such a comprehensive range of policy alternatives, Nationwide emerged triumphant in our 2022 competition. Other companies that made the cut include AIG Travel Guard, AXA, Berkshire Hathaway, Tin Leg, WorldTrips, and Trawick.

What Should You Be Protected Against?

Your financial obligations should be covered by a comprehensive insurance policy if any of the following things go wrong:

  • Cancellations, interruptions, and delays during the trip
  • Baggage delay and loss.
  • Rental car collision and damage.
  • Emergencies in medicine and dentistry, as well as accidental deaths and mutilations.

Do I Need Travel Insurance?

The purchase of an upgrade that allows you to cancel your plans for any reason (also known as “cancel for any reason” or “cancel for work reasons”) can be helpful to buy yourself some piece of mind if you are unsure about your plans.

Which Type Is The Most Advantageous?

No matter what time zone you’re in, reliable customer service is something you should expect from top insurance companies. Travelers can make claims quickly and directly through a smartphone app provided by Berkshire Hathaway, which results in expedited processing and payout.

Is It a Good Idea?

During and after the COVID-19 outbreak, purchasing travel insurance evolved from something that many travelers considered a “good to have” to something that was an absolute need. Numerous insurance companies now offer coverage connected to COVID, which can significantly boost your sense of security if you need to modify, postpone, or cancel your trip.

What Is The Best In The United States?

Your credit card’s travel insurance may cover low-risk travel in the U.S., but this depends on where you go. If you have a multi-activity itinerary where you might lose money if you miss a leg of travel or if you plan to participate in activities like hiking, it may be wise to purchase an independent travel insurance plan to cover rebooking or medical expenses. If you need travel insurance, contact an agent.

How Do I Choose?

No single solution can solve a traveler’s problems. This article can help you understand some of the best companies on the market today and choose the best plan and add-ons for your needs.

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