Best Gas-Saving Tips For Vacation Season

Gas-Saving Tips

As the summer vacation season approaches, many people are planning road trips. With gas prices rising, it is crucial to be mindful of ways to save money on fuel. Even though no one seems able to make gas cheap again, there are still things you can do to save money on gas this summer. Here are a few tips for planning a gas-saving road trip.

1. Plan your route in advance and use apps like Google Maps or Waze to help you find the cheapest gas prices.

2. Be sure to fill up your tank before taking a vacation. Take your time with the road because that can lead to unnecessary stops and wasted time.

3. Use the gas-saver setting in your vehicle, especially on a road trip.

4. Bring a cooler full of food and drinks, so you will only have to stop for meals as often.

5. Bring along a book or some other form of entertainment, so you can continue shopping while on the road.

6. Avoid driving on Fridays and Saturdays when gas prices are higher, and opt for weekdays instead.

7. Consider taking a bus, train, or other public transportation when planning a trip.

8. Carpool to split gas costs and prevent frequent stops. 

9. Buy gas when the price is low, so you don’t have to stop as frequently.

10. If you can’t avoid driving on the weekend, fill up your tank after 3 p.m., when prices tend to be lower because demand is down.

11. Use less gas. If you have a larger car, consider trading it in for a more fuel-efficient model.

12. If you’re planning a trip, try to avoid driving at peak times.

13. Avoid idling your car when you’re stuck in traffic.

Slow Down, Speed Up

People say that to save gas on the road, you should drive slowly up hills and faster down hills. This is because your car has to work much harder going uphill, especially if you have luggage, many people in the car, and the air conditioner is on. Going downhill, on the other hand, gravity is on your side. And since we’re talking about speed, going the speed limit and not going over it saves gas too. It’s also safer.

Know When To Turn Off The Air Conditioner

Even though it’s dangerous to drive in the heat without air conditioning, there are times when you can turn it off to save gas. Sources say that, for example, turning off the air conditioner when driving uphill can greatly reduce the power your engine needs. Turn on the air conditioner again when you’re going flat or downhill. You can leave the fans running, and the cooling effect will remain for a few minutes.


If your tires are worn, get them rotated before your trip. If they are very worn, get them replaced. Proper air pressure is also very important. Too much or too little air can cause problems, so if you’re unsure, have a mechanic do it. If you need clarification on your tires’ PSI, look inside the driver’s side door (pounds per square inch).

Car Check-Up

Before you go on vacation, make sure your car is in good shape. Check to see that everything is running as well as it can. If your engine is working well, you will use less gas. Change the oil, get a “tune-up” if needed, and check all the fluids. If the tires need work, do that as well.

Travel Light

As already said, too much cargo can drain the engine’s power. It is said that your car’s gas mileage will drop by 1% for every 100 pounds it weighs more. So be careful to pack only the things you need and use lightweight bags like duffle bags instead of heavy suitcases.

How You Drive

Save gas by making sure the ride is as smooth as possible. When you press down on the gas pedal, your car uses the most gas. So try not to do what many drivers do and speed up and stop quickly. Try to coast at a steady speed instead.


These tips will save you money and gas during the vacation season. By planning your route, packing efficiently, and keeping your car in good shape, you can avoid wasting gas and money on your trip. So get out there and enjoy your summer vacation!

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