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The purchasing power of today’s working population is in their hands. They prefer to look good and enjoy being admired by others. Simplicity itself is no longer simple, as emerging fashion trends have demonstrated.

Women nowadays are not afraid to experiment with different eye colors such as grey, blue, green, orange, and many others. Different eye colors, for them, represent boldness and a carefree attitude that can be easily flaunted. The latest fashion statements include matching the eye color to the clothes worn or increasing the face value by changing the tone of the eyes to match the skin tone.

The most important and most time-consuming task is cleaning the contact lenses. Cleaning them has become easier thanks to manufacturers today, with new cleaning solutions flooding the market. This doesn’t mean you’re careless with lenses. Because the eye is a sensitive area, it is essential to be cautious of anything and everything that is associated with it. Cleaning and protecting the lenses of women wearing makeup is even more difficult.

Certain precautions must be taken by women who wear eye makeup. Ensure you thoroughly wash your hands before putting contact lenses in your eyes. This prevents dirt and germs from entering the lens. Wearing your lenses before applying eye makeup helps to prevent the transfer of creams, oils, and lotions to the lens. Here are some ways to make your eyes look good without makeup.

Make use of non-allergic makeup. Many brands sell eye-friendly products. Cream eye shadow is preferable to powder eye shadow because it does not fall into the eyes as easily as the latter. Even creams, if they get into your eyes, can be irritating. Water-based creams are preferable to oil-based creams. If you must use powder, close your eyes and brush the excess powder away before opening them.

When wearing contact lenses, eyeliner should be applied to the outside of the eyes rather than the inside. This way, you can keep it out of your eyes and protect your lenses. If you must use mascara, apply it carefully over your lashes and avoid getting the brush into your contact lenses. To remove eye makeup, thoroughly wash your hands and carefully remove your contact lenses without touching any makeup. Now, remove it with your eye makeup remover.

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