Bad Breath Prevention

How will you feel if your sweetheart refuses a kiss at the end of a day? We all get up in the morning with an awful smelly bad breath. Most of us solve this problem by simply brushing our teeth, but for the rest, the unlucky ten percent of the population, the smell stays all day long. In this article, I’ll briefly describe my issue with bad breath and the solution I found.

Actually, for me, it all started with my wife. She is straightforward and simply pointed out that it’s her or the bad breath. She was the first person who told me that my breath was unbearable. Thanks to her, I have solved the problem and saved myself many unpleasant moments.

I was taken aback at first, but then I began to notice the behavior of those around me. It was the first time I had witnessed someone’s reaction to the smell. It is hard to describe my feeling when I saw someone turning his head away while talking to me. And this feeling has led me to find a solution to the smell problem. The second cause motivated me because I love my wife, understand her suffering, and would hate losing her.

First, I thought that the solution would be very complicated and that I would have to undergo throat surgery to eliminate the bad breath problem. But a couple of days and a few medical opinions later, I knew this was not the way to cure bad breath. I have found, finally, that the answer is actually very simple.

The solution, which worked for me, was combined of two layers: tongue and gums. First, your gums must be healthy. If they are swell or bleeding, it will lead to an awful breath situation, and there is no need to go into details here. You could use special toothpaste if it’s a swell or dental treatment if it’s a gum problem. Simply cure your gums. The tongue is the second ingredient. It has lots of harmful breath-causing bacteria. They must be removed, use any tongue cleaner you find and keep it clean.

That’s it. These two steps gave me back my life. I can kiss my wife when I come back from work. I can talk to everyone without them turning their heads. I really feel better, happier, and self-confident like never before.

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