Are You A Loser? What Do You Do That Winners Don’t?

I believe a more appropriate phrase would be, “Winners do what losers don’t.” Successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people are hesitant to do. I can assure you that you are not alone in this. How often have you seen a profitable business or opportunity but lacked the courage to invest or risk?

Approximately 90% of the population lacks the confidence to move forwards without fear or doubt. Most successful entrepreneurs are motivated by something other than money. They are inspired by their ambition rather than their fear of failure. You are well on your way when your ambition and drive overpower your fear of failure.

Let’s see. What distinguishes the successful from the unsuccessful? Most successful people make quick decisions and slowly change their minds. Instead of allowing the one thing that will hamper their progress, they take action. Fear is that one thing. That word keeps coming back to me. Any dream will be shattered by fear.

In any endeavor, consistency yields results. Even if they don’t feel like it, most successful people work in the office. Do you believe Michael Jordan made it to the NBA solely on talent? No! He had to put in the effort every day. He had to practice and practice some more. If you haven’t already, you should read one of his books. MJ was the best because he chose to be consistent in his efforts to improve himself.

Most successful people were only one difficult decision away from becoming successful. Nonetheless, they proceed. They gather the facts, put their pride and doubt aside, and put one foot in front of the other.

I’m willing to bet that everyone in the world faces a decision that will change their lives for the better but fails to make it due to a current circumstance. How can things ever change if you don’t allow them to? There’s always an obstacle. That’s life. But those who win and succeed are the ones who can choose to push through the dust and into the fresh air.

We listen to those who tell us that we should be doing better, that we are not meeting our goals, or that we are failing them and ourselves, not because we want to hear it but because we want to do better the next time and improve our skills or abilities as well as our actions as we move forwards.

Because of a fear of failure and an unwillingness to interact, one can develop a sense of lifeless reality. And if I’m good at failing, I’d like to believe that I’m also very good at succeeding, but the truth is that I have no idea if that’s the case.

Winning does sound like a lot more fun, just like hitting the lottery does sound a lot more exciting than collecting Social Security, but you can’t exactly bank on winning the jackpot as a long-term plan. The same is true for collecting Social Security.

The news that we didn’t win or that we were rejected is something that nobody wants to hear, but if we want to do better the next time and enhance our talents, we need to face down our fear of failing. If we don’t want to live a life that is sheltered and unmoving, we have no choice but to take risks and risk losing.

Winning is always a good feeling, whether it’s a game of poker, someone’s approbation, or points towards getting free gas. Getting lucky in love or the lotto both make life more rewarding than it would be otherwise. Sometimes we can only say, “Wow, I’m not good at this!” while serving coffee and cake to guests.

What makes life more enjoyable, though, is the sweetness that comes from being able to weave together the victories with the losses; doing so is what makes us stronger. Self-awareness gives us the ability not just to prevail but also to win, which is an accomplishment that tastes all the more satisfying once you’ve tasted defeat.

To summarise, winners are winners because of what they do. Losers will be losers because they choose not to do something. You have the option of doing or not doing something. So, as you can see, life is a choice. That, my friend, will shape who you are. Every child is born a winner. You have complete control over who you become from that point forwards!

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