An Interview With An Avon Representative

The sale of Avon cosmetics is handled through tens of thousands of independent sales agents worldwide. Although the majority of “Avon ladies” (and many males!) sell in their spare time, a growing number of people now work full time at their business.

I interviewed some Avon representatives to learn how these individuals developed successful careers as Avon sales representatives. Their insights could be helpful to you as you consider whether or not joining an Avon team would benefit you.

This week, I talked with Dave, who is 31 years old and resides in the UK.

Q: Why did you decide to sign up with Avon, Dave?

A: About 3 years ago, my partner Debbie became a member first. Although I appreciate the concept of network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing, and I could see its potential, I found that I could not make it work for me. I had been trying to sell products of another multi-level marketing organization, but I hadn’t had much luck with it. The beauty industry has gone digital, and in 2014 the revamp of was the first in a decade. Avon began conducting network marketing in the UK, and the opportunity to join the company at its inception appeared appealing to many people. I never imagined doing as well as I have in a million years.

Q: You declare that you have succeeded; how well do you feel you have done?

A: I won’t go into detail, but I reached the highest commission level before Christmas. Debbie and I each manage our independent teams, and I anticipate that she will soon be able to compete alongside me at the highest level.

Q: That’s really impressive. You must be proud of how fast you’ve progressed.

A: It brings me a lot of pleasure. Even though most of my almost 100-person team is located within 40 to 50 miles, I still find it necessary to travel, particularly to meet prospective sales leaders. It would be impossible for me to return to working for someone else, given how much I like being my own boss.

Q: Do you believe it would be beneficial to genuinely get to know the people on your team?

A: Because it’s one of the requirements for joining Avon, I have to meet the prospective recruit in person. It is against the rules for us to take registrations over the phone.

Q: How do you attract such a large number of people, especially considering that some are far from you?

A: I have a website, and many inquiries come from people who have visited the site. Following that, I will schedule a meeting with the individual or forward their inquiry to one of my sales leaders. If there’s no sales leader in the area, I trade leads with other Avon reps.

Q:  Would it be beneficial for others to become Avon representatives?

A: Yes, without a doubt, I would. I must stress that you would not be joining Avon in the traditional sense. Instead, you would join a team of independent sales representatives not paid by the firm. However, anyone interested in making a few extra pounds per week by delivering brochures and collecting orders is more than welcome. You might also establish a successful company like I have by recruiting sales representatives and leaders who, in turn, will recruit other sales representatives. If you currently have a job, but you find it unsatisfying, consider starting your own business on the side while continuing to work your current job until the money from your new venture is sufficient to cover all of your expenses. Then you can quit your job and go into business for yourself full-time.

Dave, thanks a lot, and best wishes for the future. It looks like it’s very bright.

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