An Ebay Seller’s Checklist

Being a seller entails a great deal of responsibility, and you may occasionally feel like you are falling short in some areas of your business. With the help of this simple checklist, you’ll be able to stay on top of things.

Have you learned everything you can about your items? If you are selling a product another person is selling, try to provide more information about the product than they do. Entering their names into a search engine may reveal information about them that you were unaware of.

Do you monitor the competition? Keep a close eye on how many other items similar to or comparable to yours are selling for and the prices being offered for those items. In most cases, starting a fixed-price auction with a starting bid of $100 is pointless if another party sells the item for $90.

Do you have any images of the products you’re selling? Photographing your possessions is in your best interest, especially if you have access to a digital camera. If you plan to sell on eBay but don’t have a camera, you should buy one.

Are you sending emails to your customers? Following up on successful transactions with a short email is always a good idea. Simply say, “Thank you for purchasing my item.” Please notify me once the payment has been made.” Following that, say something like, “Thank you for your payment. Today I posted your [item name].” By speaking this way, you’ll prevent several complications.

Also, have you checked your email lately? Remember that prospective customers can email you at any time about anything; failing to respond to these emails will only encourage them to buy from a competitor rather than you.

Do your product descriptions contain all of the information that customers require? If you intend to deliver to customers in other countries, it is a good idea to compile a list of the costs involved and include it in the auction description. You should also ensure that specific terms and conditions are clearly displayed. For example, if you offer a refund on any item as long as it has not been opened, ensure this information is visible.

Have you adequately packaged the items? Wrapping should be done professionally for the best first impression. To accomplish this, use appropriate-sized envelopes or parcels, wrap the item in bubble wrap to prevent damage, and print labels rather than hand-writing addresses. Oh, and always send everything first-class mail; don’t be cheap.

Do you keep in touch with people? A few days after listing an item, send an email to customers asking, “Did you receive everything you expected with your purchase?” This may appear to the customer that you are allowing them to complain, but you should not take their money and run; instead, you should strive to assist and solve their problems. I sincerely hope you received it and that it met your expectations.

The most important factor in becoming a highly successful eBay seller is to provide excellent and honest customer service. That is the only way to ensure that your reputation is protected.

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